Monde Development Group

Service Suite

Service Suite

We undertake research to determine the right property or construction for your project. Our team then conducts a feasibility study to determine if the project is financially viable. Finally, we make adjustments as required, finding alternate sites to discover the best possible solution to your potential problems.

Our design team begins by exploring your design preferences. They analyze the needs of the space you would like to create and are able to form floor plans, 2D and 3D renderings. These will be further iterated to better suit your needs. Afterwards, concept designs will be created, and upon approval that the design is suited to your vision, we can continue our process.

We have completed a multitude of projects, ranging from small-scale houses to large-scale condominiums, all across the GTA, and are incredibly familiar with the process of acquiring permits. Our permit professionals will serve as your representative and handle every stage of the acquisition process.

We utilise specialized collaborators at every step of the design process to ensure you are getting the highest quality of service. Each of our collaborators are highly skilled in their fields, and are experienced in luxury production. We manage the engineering, architecture and other design teams to ensure your process is simple and straightforward.

Our financial team has a proven track record of finding the right solution for realising projects.  We offer these services for a wide range of buildings, from office buildings to residential condominiums, to single-home constructions. Our mortgage agents have created strong connections with institutional and private lenders to ensure that you are receiving the best service possible.

During construction, our project management team will visit the site to guarantee that the designs are going according to the meticulously designed plans. We utilize award-winning trades with years of luxury construction experience to ensure that the final product meets your standards.

Our job does not end with the construction of our project. We are available for questions or concerns with your project after it has been completed. We work to guarantee that the job is completed to your satisfaction.