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Monde Development Group Mission And Vision


A world of architecture where everyday living is artful, comfortable & accessible. This is the priority of Monde developments for every project we start.


At Monde Developments our mission is to innovate and modernize the experience of real-estate development, using proven technologies and strategies, and to do this without sacrificing style or comfort. 

We bring dedication, quality, integrity, and respect to every aspect of the development process, ensuring that we exceed our goals on every project. We are unified and consistent in ensuring that our core values permeate every aspect of our life and work. 

Monde Developments is dedicated to providing world-class service and trend-setting design to our clients. Our passion for excellence drives us; our commitment to quality and integrity keeps us humble; our agility and willingness to innovate sets us apart. 

Our strong sense of teamwork and the wholehearted enjoyment of doing what we do helps us to push ourselves to new heights of achievement. Monde Developments succeeds because we do not let our clients fail. 


The Monde Developments team of committed professionals embrace the following core values: 

Quality: We deliver only excellence and aim to exceed expectations in everything we do. 

Integrity: Monde Developments conducts themselves at the highest level of ethical standards. We demonstrate honesty and fairness in every decision and action. 

Agility: We execute expeditiously to address our clients’ needs and adapt to changing circumstances quickly and flexibly. 

Respect and Trust: We treat our clients and each other with dignity and respect at all times. 

Enjoyment: We take everything seriously, and that includes having fun, both in work and in life. 

Mondria 1 – Concept Art

Mondria 1

The Queen's Griffen – Historic Restoration

Queens Griffen Hotel
Mondria 1
Mondria 1

Built To Outlast

Monde Development Group is 12 years young, and our dream team has been focused on upscale real estate projects; it is this detail-oriented drive and commitment to excellence that has inspired the company to scale up to more dynamic ventures. We use our experience to set the stage, raise the bar, and exceed the expectations of the boutique housing market in Toronto. With projects from SE Oakville, Port Credit, Mississauga, and downtown Toronto, Monde has now set its eyes on the most ambitious venture yet: to change the skyline of downtown Courtice.

We are Tarion and HRCA certified, and together with this guarantee the Monde Development Group commitment to customer care and quality means that every homeowner is treated like family. Monde Development Group brings the flexibility, luxury, and experience of a modern custom home builder to the boutique condominium landscape.

At Monde Development Group, we know that every home is a team effort. Keeping this in mind, we strive to assemble the best teams possible for each project, matching unparalleled expertise with our reputation for forward-thinking vision and innovation.

Monde Development Group is dedicated to providing world-class design and expertise to every client. Every aspect of building, from cement to interior paint, is carefully selected to ensure that we meet or exceed Ontario building codes, work within budget guidelines, and remain as committed to details on large scale projects as we are on smaller scale builds.

At Monde Development Group, we build to OUTLAST.

Meet Our Team

An architect of visions. With over 30 years of experience, his diversified and highly accomplished resume includes shepherding startups to success, managing large projects with significant contribution to turnaround financial operations, and a strong focus on the real estate landscape in a series of leadership roles.

Majid Hamid

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A Canadian success story. William G. J. James is a self-made man; he follows his heart and mind to new and innovative projects, bringing his dedication and passion to every path he follows. He is a humble innovator and astute investor, and has excelled in both private and corporate fields over a seven decade trajectory.

Jesse James

Executive Director

A creator of spaces. With more than 20 years shaping the skylines of the world, Sam’s award-winning talent spans three continents and has already left a lasting mark in major cities. He brings his creativity and passion for living and working spaces that are innovative, beautiful and functional to shape Monde’s vision.

Sam Tehranchi

Design Lead Consultant

A guide with a calling. A theologian and computer technician with more than 10 years of experience in teaching and administration, he excels at helping businesses thrive internationally. Joshin is an author, speaker, and philanthropist who shapes society through his writings and courses.

Joshin Cherian

Admin & IT Manager

A creator of comfort. A practicing architect with experience in mid-rise residential and commercial construction, and a focus on interior design and project management. Rishabh brings a keen eye for design and innovation to the group.

Rishabh Sharma

Project Manager

A designer of life. A licensed architect from India, Nakul is CanBIM certified with 4 years of experience in the design and construction industry. Nakul works with Monde as a designer and project manager for the flagship Mondria 1 project.

Nakul Roy

Senior Designer

A recent Waterloo graduate with a Bachelors in Honors science, she is working towards pursuing a career in Medicine. A helper without fail. As Chairperson of Monde for Children, Amena brings all team members together for one and only purpose: to help children around the globe have better opportunities, health care and education.

Amena Ali

Chair, Monde For Children Initiative

A Builder of Dreams. With an illustrious career, Clint boasts a diversified and remarkable journey, showcasing expertise in transforming blueprints into tangible masterpieces. With a passion for construction that ignited early in life, he has meticulously honed his skills to become a true visionary in the industry.

Clint Sankar

Site Superintendent

A visionary pioneer in the industry. With a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, he leads our company to new heights of success. His ability to seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with rigorous safety standards sets him as a true leader in his field.

Ahmad Naeseh


A captain of the corporate ship. He steers the wheel of expertise at MaryBrowns with his strategic mindset. With a steadfast focus on results, he leads with precision. In the world of business, he thrives in leading teams, As a business manager, success is his ultimate dream.

Kashif Sohaib

Business Manager- Mary Browns

An orchestrator of efficiency and strategy. With a creative mind and exceptional organizational skills, he transforms chaos into seamless harmony. Armed with an unwavering commitment to excellence, he navigates the complex web of challenges with grace, ensuring flawless execution at every turn. As the chief of staff, success is his duty, standing tall.

Esah Mirza

Chief of Staff and Corporate Communication

Our Marketing Manager ensures that everything communicated matches our brand identity and engages with our clients across all platforms. His ability to ensure our messaging reaches the right audience is essential to giving our company the professional appearance we want to project outward. He gives us a voice to talk to the outside world so we can increase engagement digitally.

Eli Joseph

Marketing Manager

The creative maestro of trends. As a business and marketing analyst, company’s success is her stronghold. She unveils hidden opportunities and pioneers innovative marketing strategies with a keen eye for detail and natural curiosity. With a blend of creativity and professionalism, her approach is refined. From mapping markets and optimizing campaigns with precision, being the company’s analyst, delivering success is her prior mission.

Amna Naqib

Business and Marketing Analyst

Daniel works close with the Monde Development Group leadership to help craft the companies short and long term  vision. He adapts to an ever changing business landscape to think strategically and guide us through our growth process. He contributes to every aspect of our strategic outlook to set us up for success.

Daniel Taishidler

Chief Strategy Officer

Keith is an expert Acquisition Specialist and is a strategic force at Monde Development Group. He plays a crucial role in the growth and development of our organization. He sets us up for success by identifying, evaluating, and securing valuable assets to execute our projects.

Lingfung Tam

Acquisition Specialist

A beacon of warmth and talent, she orchestrates Mondria Classic Collection upgrades with diligence & grace. With her unparalleled ability to connect and her knack for weaving magic into every task, Aleks uses her sophisticated experience to ensure that every resident’s journey is not only successful but also filled with wonder.   

Aleksandra Steins

Mondria1 Sales manager

Meet Gus, the vigilant sentry of our corporate realm. With unwavering dedication, he assumes the role of Chief Security Officer at Monde Development Group, guarding our territory with a watchful eye and a determined spirit. Just as a captain steers a ship, Gus navigates the waters of protection and safety with his canine expertise.


Chief Security Officer

As an Associate Data Analyst at Monde Development, Omer is instrumental in driving data-driven decisions and optimizing operations within the organization. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to leveraging insights from complex datasets, Omer plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.  

Omer Tahir

Associate Data Analyst



Mondria 1

Monde Development Group’s signature style and look,as well as its philosophy of essentialism in daily living, is drawn from the works and ethos of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian , whose commitment to simplification and the creation of essential beauty form part of Mondrian’s core aesthetic.

Regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Piet Mondrian is known for being one of the pioneers of 20th-century abstract art, which is rooted nature and reduced to simple geometric elements that search for and appeal to universal values and aesthetics.